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Ambassador for Swiss quality in Europe
Located at Chalamont in Ain (F), this subsidiary of MIFROMA SA is our platform on the French market and a gateway to Europe.

MIFROMA France is both:
- a centre of excellence for the packaging and distribution of Swiss hard and semi-hard cheeses.
- a logistical platform for ultra-fresh products such as yogurts, puddings and milk drinks.

In 2008, MIFROMA France took over the production arm of the Baïko brand in Archamps (Haute Savoie, France). The Ambilly dairy enriched our product mix with a range of Premium yogurts.

1993MIFROMA France founded.
1998MIFROMA France becomes the leading distributor of Swiss cheeses on the French market.
2002Ultra-fresh dairy products go on sale in various outlets throughout Europe, through the Swiss Delice range of yogurts.
2008Acquisition of the Ambilly dairy in Archamps (F).
2013Creation of Prepared Meat / Fresh Meat Products BU.
2013Creation of Coffee BU.

Key figures
Product range: 157 items (2017)
Buildings surface area :4,899 m2
Number of employees : 33 (2017)
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